A colonial-style brick building shopfront has a embedded signage reading Gunter-Smith 社区参与中心, 后面是宾夕法尼亚ladbrokes立博亚洲的标志.


参与. 有所作为.

The 斯巴达志愿者网络 (SVN) connects York College students, 教育工作者, 明矾, and local community partners with resources and opportunities for meaningful volunteer engagement.  

SVN志愿者的任务永远不是解决问题, 解决, or save; instead, it is to support and amplify the work of community members and community partners in their efforts to strengthen their own communities. 这样做的时候, we believe that volunteer engagement can help produce a meaningful, 公平的, 和持久的差异.

The work of the 斯巴达志愿者网络 is supported and advanced by student volunteer leaders and student 工作人员 members. SVN指南针计划啮合, 装备, 并授权学生志愿者领导, 包括组长, 学生的导师, 项目设计师, 持证货车司机, 项目协调员, 以及研究生奖学金获得者. 

学生 and former YCP president Gunter-Smith volunteering at SpartanServe
学生 at the YorThon community engagement and fundraising event


A Changemaker at YCP is a student volunteer who partners with local organizations to make a difference. 变革者奖学金项目是有选择性的, 多年, cohort-based programs that offer an annual scholarship to students who are selected for acceptance into these programs. Changemaker programs promote volunteer engagement, community-engaged学习, 领导力发展, 公民责任. 点击下面了解更多关于目标的信息, 好处, 资格要求, and expectations of the various Changemaker scholarship programs.
A flowering campus quad is visible on a spring day with blue skies.


YCP 教育工作者 can partner with local organizations to embed community-based service learning (CBSL) opportunities into their curriculum. 这些伙伴关系的长短不一, but will always feature specific service outcomes identified by the community partner, and specific learning outcomes identified by the 教师 member.

工作人员 members from the 社区参与中心 are available to make connections and provide support for YCP 教育工作者 and community partners at cce@formistan.net.